Belleville, Michigan
August 11, 2011

The Wayne County Fair in Belleville, Michigan welcomed monster trucks back to the grounds after a several year hiatus. 2011 marked the return of the Midwest Monster Truck Events promoted show featuring Amsoil Shock Therapy, Mongoose, Excaliber, and Shell-Camino.

The action kicked off with a great wheelie contest, Kevin Koszala in Excaliber set the bar high with a great tailgate and bedside ripping wheelie much to the fan's applause. The winner would be Jon Zimmer in the Amsoil sponsored Shock Therapy machine with 2 massive vertical wheelies to claim the win.

In addition to monster trucks, the fans were also treated to tuff truck racing where local drivers maneuvered their trucks, jeeps, and SUVs over jumps and tight turns to the finish line. Also the gang at Mad Man Motorsports brought out the Uncle Slam and Southern Storm old school monster trucks for an exhibition, the fans loved the old iron! 

Racing would be a straight-line drag race over 5 cars. Qualifying would see Amsoil Shock Therapy and Mongoose take 1st and 2nd fastest times. Both Mongoose and Shock Therapy would defeat their opponents, Shell-Camino and Excaliber to meet in the final round. In the final round it was young second generation driver, Bryan Watros facing off against Jon Zimmer. The lights went green and it was all Shock Therapy at the finish line as Mongoose had trouble with his shifter. Zimmer thanked the Wayne County Fair for having monster truck back and the fans for their support. Freestyle was next.

Father Time, Kevin Koszala would kick things off with some nice leaps and big air over the van stack in Excaliber. Shelly Kujat in Shell-Camino gave it her all with a good performance and good jumps from the El Camino monster truck. Bryan Watros piloted Mongoose to a good run with big air, and nice leaps over the van much to the delight of the crowd. Last but not least was Jon Zimmer in the Amsoil Shock Therapy who threw down an absolutely great run filled with massive air, a wild donut, huge momentum and nice moves. This would be enough to claim the win for freestyle and also a clean sweep of the night's wins.

The Midwest Monster Truck Events group would like to thank everyone at the Wayne County Fair for their hospitality and everyone for pulling though to make the event a success. We hope to return to the Wayne County Fair in 2012!