Some people ask “Why monster trucks?”  For the answer, ask people who’ve experienced the thrill of these 10,000lb car-crushing beasts and they’ll probably say “Why not!?” 

Monster trucks are not only one of the hottest and fastest growing motorsports properties in North America, but they are undoubtedly one of the most family-friendly, fan-accessible, and affordable forms of live motorsports entertainment around.  With the popularity of high-quality monster trucks rising more and more each year, the time is NOW to generate your own top-shelf monster truck event.  So who do you turn to, to ensure that the needs of both you and your customers are met with the utmost care and professionalism?  The answer lies with Midwest Monster Truck Events.

What is Midwest Monster Truck Events?

Heartbeat pulls a sled and crushes cars in Belleville, Michigan in 1986.

 With over 20 years of experience, Midwest Monster Truck Events is a turn-key, all-inclusive monster truck event production company that offers not only first-class live event production, but a host of promotional and accessory services to compliment the event itself. The Midwest Monster Truck Events staff is comprised of respected industry professionals whose deep background in the sport gives them a keen understanding of what it takes to produce a fun, affordable, thrilling, and safe monster truck event. The scope of our expertise spans a valley of services that is as deep as it is wide; from track construction to promotional static displays, truck/talent booking to private events, driver appearances to show management, we can handle your needs!

 -Our monster trucks are the highest quality, safest, and most recognizable names available
-Our events have been seen on TruTV, Discovery Channel, and County Music Television