Ready to bring the big names of monster truck racing to your venue? We have you covered! We work with any budget, space, and time frame!

What You Get
1 to 12 Nationally Recognized Monster Trucks
1 Thrill Show Side Act
Event Insurance
Motor Sports Announcer
Motor Sports Event Staff
Equipment Operators
The Production You Want!

We can also customize your event to fit your needs! Want a 45 minute show? No problem! Contact us today to get your event started!

Before each show we offer a "pit party" where fans can meet their favorite drivers and get up close with the monster trucks! Our shows typically last 2 hours with an exciting side act such as monster tanks, quad racing, or tough trucks, and 6 monster trucks competing in a wheelie, racing, and freestyle contests. After the show each driver will sign autographs until the last fan leaves!

 Premium thrill acts such as freestyle motocross and transformers would be additional.
Monster truck rides allows fans the chance to experience the thrill of riding in a real-life, full-size monster truck around a specially prepared course that can be as simple as a secured parking lot area, to a full-on customized track with carefully constructed dirt obstacles.  Monster truck rides is one of our most popular services, and can operate as a stand-alone event or as a part of a full-on monster truck racing event.  Unlike a competition monster truck, a monster ride truck is built specifically for giving safe, fun, family-friendly rides to fans of virtually all ages (some height/health restrictions may apply).  Our monster ride trucks are equipped with their own on-board safety gear, so fans are not required to supply or outfit themselves with any supplementary safety equipment.  While a competition monster truck will frequently take to the skies during a run, our monster ride trucks keep all four wheels safely on the ground at all times, instead providing fans safe thrills by way of acceleration, deceleration, four-wheel-steering turns, and climbing up and down specially prepared dirt obstacles.   Monster truck rides are perfect for community events, retail centers, grand openings, and community events where minimum available space requirements can be met.

Most importantly, the monster ride trucks can help YOU generate money and help introduce you to thousands of prospective ticket buyers!

Our fast and friendly staff will impress and give a fantastic ride to fans of all ages!

Watch the video above to see and learn more about Midwest Monster Truck Events' Ride Truck Experience.

Bookings are now available with special price cuts for the racing season in the Midwest.
Fuel and setup charge is applicable according to certain areas and distances.

The Ride Truck Experience is also available for private parties and events with a minimum 2 hour rate. Please EMAIL US!
A promotional static display encompasses a professional monster truck and driver/crew member appearing at a location of your choice on a set date and time.  A display is perfect for birthday parties, automotive dealerships, auto parts stores, tire/car care centers, grocery stores, general merchandise stores, community “day out” events, grand openings, charity fundraisers, and the like. 

 We also have access to very unique vehicles, Old School Monsters! These trucks were built and raced in the 80's and have been completely resorted. Beautiful paintjobs and chrome makes these trucks attention grabbing and perfect for you needs. A static display gives customers the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of these colorful, larger-than-life racing machines in a setting that helps promote your local business, organization, or event. 

Ready for MONSTER attention?

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ARE YOU READY?           

So, are you ready to bring the big names of the monster truck industry and a professional production to your venue? Look no further. With full high definition video, high resolution photos, and poster and graphic design, the Midwest Monster Truck Events team is here to assist you from start to finish! Contact us today to start building your event and remember, we can work with any timeframe, budget, and space!